SABRE is a captivating vocalist who brings richness tones and textures to her soul inspired music. Singing has been part of her expression since a tender age. Both born and raised in suburban San Diego, her moniker emphasizes the strength and protection she has developed for the stage.

While maintaining a healthy balance of artistic mediums such as painting, cooking, yoga, and community involvement, the raw emotion of her voice is a vital component of her stage presence. SABRE was brought to rhythm classes with her mother by two years-old. There, she played world instruments with other children while comforted by her mother's presence. By the age of four, her father encouraged her to perform at a local coffee shop in San Diego for her first open-mic. The coffee shop awarded her a certificate of accomplishment as the youngest singer to grace the mic. Every morning before school, she spent hours studying Top 40 music videos on MTV & VH1, captivated by performers like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliot, and Amy Winehouse to name a few.

By age 10, SABRE began music lessons with classical pianist, Margaret Katchur, who quickly uncovered a unique ability, and also stubbornness to practice theory. SABRE memorized Margaret's hand placements, and found her pitch with the piano. Margaret decided to take an interpretive approach to their lessons, often times free flowing and singing together over classic tunes like 'Aint No Sunshine' and 'Fallen' by Alicia Keys. That same year, SABRE recorded her first studio tracks in Toronto, produced by her producer and composer uncle, Mark Shannon, at mstudio.

"I didn't realize the depth of my voice until the first time I heard it. It was a strange, vulnerable feeling."

Structure and daily routine were a part of life. But self discovery off the suburban grid was ignited by the Internet. SABRE's doors opened to music of all genres through her favorite Internet pass times; Myspace. Inspiration was the result. 

"I spent days on end downloading new music, watching music videos online, interviews, live footage, really any any material I could find that reflected what I dreamed about. I remember discovering Ellie Goulding's original video for Starry Eyed and thought, 'Wow she's going to be really famous one day'." 

SABRE's voice continued to develop in middle and high school choirs, and she began landing solos in the productions, performing for crowds of 10,000+ at football games and graduation ceremonies. By age 15, her mother noticed the artist developing inside, and supported her by driving SABRE to auditions in Los Angeles. Moving to the City of Angels at 17 years old opened the flood gates for inspiration, collaboration, and pursuit of a day dream.

While singing in line for an audition with NBC's The Voice, SABRE was discovered by a man who connected some early dots. This introduction led her to her first home in publishing, Park Drive Productions. There, she was contracted as a top line singer, writing and recording demos for national television shows and advertising campaigns. She appreciated the ability to develop her chops, and call herself a professional singer by the age of 18. The doors for sessions and writing opportunities opened with Sony, Red Bull Records, Warner Chappell, and even, the likes of Quincy Jones himself. Writing is the edgy accessory in her musical tool box, but that is not to say she is anything shy of a full fledged artist. SABRE produces her own conceptual visuals with professionals she meets, her "babes". She releases her own songs to the SoundCloud community, growing an organic international fan base.

SABRE spent five years in Los Angeles, and currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, honing and crafting something special. That is her voice. Not to mention, developing a live show to deliver her messages. Her performances are acclaimed to be moving, inspirational, and captivating for an audience that may be unfamiliar with the rich tones of a true chanteuse. What you can expect to hear is an authentic voice to remind you of your own. One that may take your breath away, but one you could never forget. She balances a wide blue eyed gaze with a kind smile, and an even warmer soul.

Ready to shock the world, this is SABRE. 


what is your writing process? the process expands as i do. i write my thoughts down, especially when i remember something i whence knew.these fold into lyrics; ingredients for my songs. recipes i recreate. i'm always writing notes, even when i'm not sure why. then i dress them up, try new cadence, strip them down, crumple, color etc.

what is your sound? my sound is the emotion i feel. if i am in pain, you hear depth. if it's a happy day, i'm singing out loud for any/all to hear.

what inspires you? love, time, life experiences, dreams